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You have just decided to visit citysage. The site that will make you an expert on any city your interested in be it your hometown or the place your visiting on your next vacation. Be the one that Knows the most about your hometown and feel like a local wherever you go.

US Cities

Pick any US city you want to learn more about. Just click a letter. You can edit any of the pages if you have something you want to add. If you want to add another city create a page and link to it on one of the letter pages.

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If your thinking of moving to another city in the US there's important things to think about when moving to a new city, such as the Weather

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Discovering new places

Find a place thays not on here by taking the bus or train and exploring your city or neighborhood.

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viewing the site outdoors

The site is visible outdoors but on bright days if your smartphone doesnt have built in anti glare i would recommend turning your brightness up to 100 percent or getting an anti glare screen protector.

Cities and town near wonders of nature

namaqualand is near aggeneys

long distance travel tips

Look at the map on your smartphone and press the button that shows where you are. It automatically moves and you can swipe to follow the track in the direction you're going.